Schvartzman Lab at HICCC of Columbia University

The CHROMETAB lab is interested in understanding how extra- and intra-cellular metabolism regulate chromatin biology. We are focused on:

  • how metabolism intersects with epigenetics in normal physiology, regulating cell fate and chromatin integrity;
  • how changes in metabolism can impact cancer biology and lead to therapeutic vulnerabilities.

Bringing together different ideas (e.g. metabolism and epigenetics) is one of our core values. This extends to creating a diverse environment where individuals of many backgrounds bring different perspectives, approaches and life-stories to advance our goals.

We are recruiting at all levels! If you are interested in post-doctoral or lab technician positions apply here.

For PhD positions, students apply to a graduate program at Columbia University. You can apply to a number of programs in the Columbia University School of Arts & Sciences including:

We also welcome visiting international PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Contact us to hear more.