Schvartzman Lab at HICCC of Columbia University


Our principal task as scientists is to advance the fundamental understanding of nature. In the CHROMETAB lab we believe that part of our social contract is also to communicate our discoveries in an intelligible, agreeable and exciting way to the lay public.

We are committed to reaching out to non-scientists to explain, debate and communicate the relevance of our discoveries and the general importance of basic research to the social fabric.

Below are some examples, hopefully the first of many more to come.

A view of funding for basic research

How do we ask for money? A view of funding for basic research.
Juan-Manuel Schvartzman, Jorge-Bernardo Schvartzman.
EMBO Reports, 2008.

Hope Funds for Cancer Research

A Conversation with the Hope Funds for Cancer Research Organization on my career path and interests in science, cancer biology and oncology.

Cancer Straight Talk from MSK

A conversation with Diane Reidy-Lagunes from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center about the biology of cancer and how basic research can help us develop new and improve old therapies. This was part of her podcast “Cancer Straight Talk”.