Schvartzman Lab at HICCC of Columbia University


Just a thought: if one paper figure = one conceptual advance/idea/result can we agree to keep twitter threads = number of figures? I’m seeing some Ulysses-level twitter threads these days
Lysosomal enzyme trafficking factor LYSET enables nutritional usage of extracellular proteins A tour de force by an amazing young trailblazer PI. Follow him! @WilhelmPalm
Started off the summer with an amazing 1st in-person #GRCchromatin in 3 yrs. Capping off with #KSTumorMetabolism22. Super excited to hear great science and meet new+old friends. Stop by poster 2027 on Wed to learn about chroMetab and our latest work!
The Great Resignation I | Journal of Cell Science | The Company of Biologists